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Exercises for breast enlargement

Exercises for breast enlargement will not change its size, but by strengthening the muscles of the chest chest will lift up and will look fuller. Here are six examples of exercises that, done regularly,...


Obesity gluteal-femoral or pear type obesity

Obesity gluteal-femoral also known as pear type obesity, is a type of obesity that most often affects women. Gluteal-femoral obesity is not as dangerous to health as abdominal obesity, however, much more difficult for...


What makes that fast food is addictive?

Is addiction to junk food it is true or myth? Robert Lustig, author of “Sweet Trap”, takes a magnifying glass immortal fast food set – hamburger, fries and sweet fizzy cola drink. Which contained...


Diet stress

Diet stress – alleviates the effects of stress and strengthens resistance to stress With the proper diet you can easily handle the stress. Did you know that the fault of stress can be irritability,...

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Patterns on the ideal body weight

How much should I weigh? If you often ask yourself this question, the right place. There are several ways to calculate the ideal body weight. Some are less, others more complicated. The most famous...

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